About Us

Let us help you be more functional and healthy, and live the best life you can live!

From massage therapists to physiotherapists and osteopaths to sport medicine physicians, Max’s comprehensive team of health professionals is able to treat a multitude of health conditions and injuries, combining different, yet complementary treatment approaches to maximize results and minimize recovery time.

Each of our health professionals is only a piece of the treatment puzzle, as they all can have a greater impact on your recovery by working together as a team.


At Max, our professionals continuously engage in various continuing education and professional development courses to stay updated with the latest and most effective practice methods.

We strongly believe in patient education. Our goal is to give you all the tools you’ll need to minimize your recovery time. We want to empower you in taking your health and wellbeing into your own hands.

A Little Max Health History

Max Health Institute & Physiotherapy opened its first clinic in Dieppe in 2006. The vision was to introduce the first multidisciplinary musculoskeletal rehab clinic in the Greater Moncton area. Combining orthopedics, athletic therapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, pedorthists, kinesiologists and osteopaths under one roof would prove to be a key component in providing patients with research based knowledge and efficient service.

Max now has 5 clinics, Dieppe being the pioneer, followed in 2011 with the Fredericton clinic on the UNB campus located in the Currie Centre. Shortly after, in 2013, came the clinic on Mountain Road. In 2014, came the Shediac clinic which is housed in the Oceanside gym facility. Our most recent facility is located at 3333 Principale-Ouest Avenue in Dieppe.

The clinics are renowned for providing the most efficient service in the area. Expansion for new facilities is in the works.

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